10 Way to get high quality free backlink instantly

The backlink is too much essential for our website ranking. If we can’t generate high-quality authority backlink we can’t reach our goal.One’s time any types of backlink are improved our website ranking but now a modern search engine dislikes unauthorize and irrelevant backlink. So if you create millions of unauthorize backlink then it does not help to improve your website ranking rather this link is harmful to your website.

get high quality free backlink instantly

Here I share 10 methods to get free authority backlink.

10 Way To Get High-Quality Free Backlink Instantly


It’s one of the biggest, oldest and most valuable website on the internet. If you make a backlink from Wikipedia then it’s more valuable for your website. Wikipedia link is nofollow but effective. But Nofollow  Links has a hidden power, If you don’t understand that then you can read it ” Hidden Power of Nofollow Links“.

However, now I share how to create backlink from Wikipedia. Go Wikipedia and sign up. then create a new page about your company then write a valuable information for your company. Never highlight your company is world legend, leader expert etc. Write unique content about your company working policy and history. Then put your link on Wikipedia. If your article follows Wikipedia guideline then it’s published and you get a powerful nofollow link from Wikipedia.

Social Profile Backlink

Social profile backlink is one of the most important for your blog/ company/ business pages. Because of if your social signal is good then it’s must be valuable for search engine ranking. You can easily create social profile backlink and get dofollow backlink. Most of the social site has high Page Authority and Domain Authority, So this backlink is effective for website ranking.

Question and Answer Backlink

If you can create backlink and find targeted traffic then you can participate Question Answer website. Most of the question-answer site allow the link. If you have a website, you can create a custom subcategory of your niche and add an Answerer Ask Box to your site’s sidebar. The Quora, Yahoo Answers, answers, ask Reddit blurtit, superuser is familiar QA site.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a 100% white hat and powerful link building strategy. Millions of links become broken every day as domain expire, hosting expire and typing mistakes occur. If you find a broken link on a website then you can contact the website owner. Send an email to the blog site owner and offer a replacement link to your website. You can find hear full guideline about broken link building.

Document Share

The Document sharing site an excellent way to publish your content in a professional format. Some site approves link. You can share Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, .ptt file. When you write a content to share document sharing site then you use some clickable link, use anchor text on your content, then make a document and submit document sharing website.

Web2.0 Backlink

So-called SEO guru says Web2.0 backlink is not working or it’s harmful to your website. But if you can create properly Web 2.0 and build backlink from it, it’s not harmful rather then it’s can help to improve your website ranking. Web2.0 refers to any site that is based primarily on user-generated content. Most of the web2.0 site’s domain has the huge authority and weight. such as Blogspot has 90 domain authority,  WordPress is a 97 DA, Tumblr has 98 DA out of 100. The main fact of Web 2.0 is that users are allowed to publish content for absolutely no fee.You can also manage your backlink before publishing content or after published content. So Web2.0 is a massive way to earn backlink.

Forums Sources

It’s another way to earn free dofollow backlink for your website. Most of the forum sites are dofollow so if you can get a valuable backlink from forums site then it’s can give more value to your website. Link juice from a high PR forum is good for your blog, this link juice boosts your Google page rank.If you are active in a niche forum which allows dofollow link, then you will not only get dofollow backlinks to your site but you will also be getting targeted traffic. And most of the forums allow to customize your personal profile and then you can put your link or use your custom signature to get dofollow backlink.

Video Sharing Site

An attractive video is a highly effective way to promote your business, product or website. Generally, a viral video piece will promote itself but you can always help it by distributing it through popular video hosting and sharing sites. When you upload a video on video upload site then you can write some information about your video. You can put your website link on video description then you get a high-quality backlink.

Site Profiles

The profile creation sites are really useful for improving your website and search engine result. By using this method you can put your all information on most of the platforms, you can add your social media account information, your personal information and some site profile creation site allow to put your blog URL. So you just create an account and get the high-quality backlink and this types of backlink are given you high authority.

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking sites are places where you can bookmark online your favorite website link. It’s a very simple method to create the backlink. But now a day most of the social bookmarking sites ban accounts that are bookmarking one single site. So if you want to do legally bookmark then bookmark lots of valuable websites then include your website.


Now it’s your turn, just follow this instruction and earn powerful backlink for your website.All tricks are going to white hat SEO. So you can get the backlink from this way.

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