9 Easy Steps To Create A Website

Having your very own website is the first step you can take to make money online. You can increase your business area and get the more international customer for your product or service. You don’t have to be an expert, or skilled o build your sites because even beginners can do it right. Here the easy steps to create a website:

1. You need to find a product you get paid to market

It is a natural task as there are thousands of companies out there that want you to help them sell their product, these firms join in affiliate platforms which let them sell their products through your page. If a customer goes on to buy a product or service you get paid a commission of their sales.

2. You need to buy a domain name.

Your new website will need a name, and you have to buy one. There are places wherein you can buy a domain name, buy a (.com) domain name which cost about $8 from the cheapest seats which are name.com, GoDaddy.com, and namecheap.com.

3. You must purchase website hosting.

You need to store your website somewhere on the internet, so you need to have a web server. Website hosting companies “host” these computers and will rent them out to you, and so this is called website hosting. These costs about $4 per month or you can get free hosting, but it has some drawbacks.

4. You must connect your domain name to your web server.

You have to connect your domain name to your web hosting account.This sounds a bit tricky, when you do it, it’s effortless.

5. You must create your website.

Well, we have to give credits to people that take their time for free, you can now avail free website platforms that are credible, optimized for Google, open and most importantly are easy to navigate for newbies. You need to check out the WordPress.org as it is the best free website platform ever created.6. You need to login to your website.

This step is just natural; all you need is to enter your website domain followed by /wp-login.php to gain access to your all-new site.

7. You need to add some content.

You have to add informative and fresh content to your website such as articles, images, reviews, and stories. You have to know that this is perhaps an essential step to create a site because Google loves unique content and will send you a lot of visitors if you have lots of useful information on your page.

8. Make money online

That is perhaps the most exciting part of your website, making money online. You have a lot of options, and the best one is to promote an affiliate product.

9. You need to get visitors to your website

Some people find it so hard to receive website visits, but in fact it easy. You can get visitors in two way, first is buying it from Google or PPC providers and secondly is by creating lots of quality, unique and fresh content for all the web visitors.

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