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In the modern market, content plays a very critical role as an element of both branding and marketing for your business. With a larger population of buyers being able to access the internet either through their mobile devices or personal computers, backed up by the rapid growth of the social media and digital marketing channels, there is a high demand for quality content that can win new customers for your business and also retain existing ones. To excel in the modern economy, your business requires quality, relevant and interesting content that keeps your audience informed about your services/ product and engages them with an aim of converting them to real buyers. Well-crafted web content, creative blog posts and customized social media posts among other types of content can work magic towards lifting your sales to the next level. According to statistics.

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  • Regular blogging generates 95+ percent more inbound links.
  • Content Marketing ranks 2nd as the most successful lead generator.
  • Content marketing is 60% less costly and works 3 times better than traditional outbound marketing.

With such an impact, no business should ignore or underestimate the power of modern content management as a drive for more sales. But where do you start? Sparkalant content writers are your ultimate answer. We are a world-class content creation company with the excellent set of required skills and many years of experience in content writing. So you can hair our experience team then we will provide you a unique content for your requirement. We are a Canadian based IT firm and we also provide copywriter service in Toronto.

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Why Do You Need Quality Content for Your Business?

Here are a number of benefits of having quality consistent content on your website, blog or on social media platforms for any business.

Strong Online Presence

More onsite content gives your customers an opportunity to familiarize with your brand and gives them more reasons to stick around. Our writers will develop regular and informative content that will make your customers stay on your site for longer and build trust. This leads to more conversion rates.

More Referral Traffic

Articles and blog posts hosted on your business website often contains links to relevant pages of your main business site encouraging readers to click through. We are experts in creating guest posts as well as e-books, presentations and white papers that invite more customers to your site to learn more about your products and services.

Domain Authority/ Trust

We will help you to generate quality content to help you establish your business as an authority on subjects relating to your line of products and services. Today most consumers are more interested in information that will guide them to make the wise purchase decisions. We will make sure that your content focuses more on how your products will solve an existing problem for your customers. This will increase authority, trust, and relevance of your site and earn more inbound links thus improving your site’s domain authority. The higher the domain authority, the higher the search rankings for your site.

Higher Visibility In Search Engines

Content development involves the use of relevant keywords and keyword-rich inbound links, which are good SEO practice and can boost your site rankings. Again, new content you add to your blog becomes a Google indexed page. The more quality indexed page you have, the higher the rank for more search queries. At Sparkalant, our writers will undertake a thorough keyword research for you and use them naturally in each piece of content to improve your search engine optimization.

Social Traffic / Followership

We will help you come up with the best content for social media channels to enhance publicity. With this more users will see and view your content, share with others hence expanding your online followership. With time you will gain more followers and traffic on Social Media.

Increased Conversion Potential

We are the experts who will tactfully craft your product advertising into your content without boring your readers. We ensure that the content is all around and serves the purpose of helping, engaging, informing and adding value to your customers and at the same time promotes your products and services to increase conversion.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

When people read your content, they create an impression of your brand. Our team will help you to come up with content that your readers will find helpful, informative and enlightening thus making them think highly of your brand.

Strong Customer Relationship/ Brand Advocates

Great content increases loyalty and strengthens your brand-customer relationships. We will help you to develop the more personal relationship with your company by creating personas for your business. We will make you clients rely primarily on your content for relevant information, thus building loyalty which will lead to more sales of your products or services.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Traditional advertising costs so much and some business cannot afford such high costs. To the contrary, content marketing will spread all over the internet hence saving you a lot of money. Content marketing mainly costs you time although you will spend some coins on the development and the internet. Quality content will be widely shared, reposted and tagged reaching millions of users for almost free.

Increased Conversion Potential

We are the experts who will tactfully craft your product advertising into your content without boring your readers. We ensure that the content is all around and serves the purpose of helping, engaging, informing and adding value to your customers and at the same time promotes your products and services to increase conversion.

About Us

Sparkalant is a professional content writing company that offers a variety of content writing services to business and companies in different sectors of the economy across the entire globe. We are staffed with full-time multi-skilled, creative and highly qualified writers with experience in content research, structure, writing, and editing. Our entire clients are guaranteed of creative, relevant and error-free content aimed at meeting your business goals. At Sparkalant, we can help you with search-engine-optimized, unique, user-friendly and informative content tailored for your specific business objectives. We are experts in web content, blog posts, social media posts, “how to” articles and press release among others, and our quality is second to none. If you are looking for the most effective and top-notch content creation services, contact us regardless of the field of business or topic. We are the best team for all your business content needs. We save you time and energy so that you can focus on other important operations in your business.

Why Choose Sparkalant Writing Services

Since our establishment, we have successfully delivered exceptional professional writing services for 100s of companies and our success is tied to the following elements

Good Customer Service

Our clients are our most valued asset and we always treat them with care and respect. We engage you in every step of the project right from requirement analysis, research to proofreading of the final until you are fully satisfied. We discuss your business needs, and if need be we provide free expert advice to help you achieve your business goals.


We have a talented team of trained and experienced experts who are committed to offering professional content writing services customized to address your unique business needs. We have a pool of writers with expertise in web content, SEO articles, blog posts and all sorts of digital content writing. We guarantee timely delivery and unique content that is informative and compelling to drive more traffic to your website and enhance engagement.


We have diverse expertise that enables us to handle all types of business content creation ranging from content for websites, guest, and web blog posts, SEO articles, Social Media marketing, product descriptions and reviews among others. We are experts in different niches including; health, legal, technology and other business topics.

Targeted Content

You only have to share your business goals and dreams and we convert it to a reality. We stick to your requirements and keywords and craft unique, informative and engaging content that is relevant to your business and with your target customers in mind. We deliver your message and ideas to your customers in a way that they understand hence creating 100% appeal and interest in your products or services. We are committed to producing user-friendly content that your customers will digest with ease and keep yearning for more.
We go beyond driving customers to your website, as our content is presented in a style that attracts customers and glues them to your site.

Reduced Rates

We give you the best value for money. We offer high-quality writing services at affordable rates to enable business with small budgets to unlock their potential in modern content marketing. Even with the reduced charges we never compromise on quality.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on the best team of writers who are ready to handle your project from start to 100% completion. Our team is composed of college and university graduates who have great skills and passion for research and content writing. All our team members are fully trained and have 5+ years of experience in providing outstanding content writing services for any kind of business. We have equipped ourselves with all writing styles to enable us to meet all business requirements. Our writers have excellent research skills and will first analyze your competitor’s website to provide unique content that makes your business to stand out from your competitors. We dig deep for facts and statistics about your line of business and we are very creative when crafting your business-tailored content. With Sparkalant writers you can be assured of


Our production team knows the writing team inside out and they ensure distribution of tasks based on specialized skills and availability. The team works together to ensure speedy research, writing, editing, and proofreading of all tasks before submitting to the client. With this, we have been able to satisfy all our clients beyond their expectations. Teamwork also guarantees production of high quality and error-free content at all times.


We have over 100 qualified writers and proofreaders, so we will always have a ready team to work on your project. Even with a huge project, we ensure even distribution of tasks among our team members to ensure quick and timely delivery of services. It doesn’t matter what you need for your business, we have the necessary skills in our team.

Native Writers And Proof Readers

Effective content marketing requires proper grammar and spelling. For this reason, we have hired a large pool of native writers and proofreaders who can be able to communicate with your customers in a natural way.

24-7 Global Services

Our writers are available 24-7 throughout the year and are ready to serve you at any time of the day irrespective of where you are in the world. No matter your time zone, we will ensure that there is always a competent team up to serve you with high-quality services. Our goal is to be the world’s leading content developers and time zones have never been a limitation for us. To ensure that every team is fresh and has the energy to deliver quality services, we have recruited a big team who work in shifts to ensure 24-hour availability.

Customer Support

The team works with you in every step of content development to ensure that all your requirements are met in the best way possible. We first take time to analyze and discuss your business need to fully understand what you need and then embark on the best approach to meet these requirements. We only count it done when you are fully satisfied.

With this team, we will work together with you to deliver content that delivers your intended feeling to your target customer and increase lead conversion. We understand the online community and we know the best ways to engage them, but we want you to get involved as much as possible when writing content for your business:

  • We assign your project to one of our competent writers and we give you the freedom to keep in touch with the writer to pass instructions, monitor the progress, and ask for clarifications and request revisions where necessary. This will help us deliver your desired results within faster and effectively.
  • You will let us know your target customers are and how you want them to feel about your products or services when they read your content.
  • We give you the freedom to choose the style and tone of your content – formal, comic or informal tones.
  • You can also review the content to make it more of what you are looking for. We have the required expertise to writing content that is both search engine and readers friendly. We do the research and the writing but leave the final approval for you to make. All our customers are always satisfied and refer more customers to us – a living proof of our unmatched quality.

Our Other Services

We offer a wide range of content writing services, fully customized for your business and its specific unique needs. Our services include

Web Content Services

At Sparkalant, we are known for outstanding web content for all kinds of businesses around the world. Our writers offer all types of web content writing covering about us, services and product sections, privacy policy and disclaimer. We conduct thorough research to fill up any website section with quality and unique content for your website. We also analyze your competitors’ weakness and make content that gives you an advantage over them. Our developers will ensure that content on your website will not only drive more traffic to your website but also appeal to the readers as well as compelling them to buy your products.

SEO Article Services

We use your keywords more tactfully to improve your rankings in the SERP. Our writers will do a good keyword research for your content to ensure use of keywords that will generate more natural traffic for your site. We research and creatively craft SEO content with extra care to avoid spamming keywords to guarantee higher rankings. We have over 10 years of SEO content development and you will realize how soon and amazingly your ranking will rise.

Social Media Posts

Social media has turned out to be one of the most effective and affordable marketing avenues for all businesses. To create and maintain a strong online presence, you will need consistent and regular posts that not only advertise your products or services but also engage your customers, helping and informing them on how to enhance their decision-making process. We will help you in creating social media viral content that will encourage wide readership, sharing, reposting and tagging thus helping you build an online fan-base for your brand. We have the best minds for the creation of social media posts for different platforms including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest among others.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are very important in keeping your customers engaged and informed. They are a perfect way of proving your expertise in a given field and make your business/brand more attractive. We will help you to come up with regular blog content that is interesting, informative, helpful and engaging thus making them stick around to learn more. We are the ideal team to help you in generating highly customized and optimized content that will easily take your business to the next level.

Press Releases

Press releases can help you to grab the attention of your customers, your peers in the business and the general public. We can help you in crafting an optimized press release to create brand awareness, announce achievements and launch of new products and services. Press releases will also help you gain more backlinks and improve search engine optimization.

Product Descriptions / Reviews

To help readers understand the special features of your product or service, we provide modern product description writing services. We consider the market trends and your competitor’s activities and highlight the unique product features that can help address your customers’ special needs. We are also very creative in writing quality reviews that can win you more and more customers.

Authority Contents

We create articles that give you an authoritative voice in the market which get you more natural links that are very critical in search engine optimization. Having a good command in your line of business gives you an upper hand over your competitors.

Niche Content

We provide affiliate site and niche content and no matter your niche topics, our writers will deliver 100% quality that will shoot up your sales numbers.

Other Services

We offer other types of content writing including; opinion articles, memes, how to guides, infographics, case studies, link pages and book reviews among other types of content.

If you are in need of exceptional content writing services, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. We can handle both small and huge projects and our packages are affordable for all. We write your content from scratch and we ensure timely completion of any project so you need not worry about deadlines. You can call us at any time and let us know your requirements, get any of your questions addressed and receive a free quote. We can also provide a free sample upon request. We work with you until you are fully satisfied with the content, undertaking frequent revisions as you may require.


We have served thousands of clients since our establishment and they have the following to say

“Sparkalant writers are excellent! With their well written Facebook post, my event planning business had received over 1,000 likes in 2 hours and two calls from potential clients. I recommend Sparkalant for any one in need of quality Facebook content.”
“Excellent work! They don’t just fill in content with words. For the many times I have worked with them, they have always undertaken good research. To sum it up, I am always impressed by their services. Thank you Sparkalant!”
“Sparkalant content writers are not just after making money, they showed me a lot of care and they helped me with the best SEO content. I have worked with them for over a year now and I can attest to their accuracy and timeliness.”
Mary Bondi

Irrespective of the type of business or the content you want to be written, contact our experts and you will enjoy top-notch content writing services at very affordable prices. Sparkalant is your leading and helping research and content copywriting company of choice.

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