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Graphics Design

In the modern market where people are driven by visual content, most organizations and businesses are always seeking for great and effective ways to outdo their competitors in the crowded market. A simple graphic can speak a thousand words and become more effective than loads of bulky text. Keeping your marketing, branding, and design aligned with what your audience expects to see is a very strong pillar for your business success. Design concepts are changing on the daily basis so as to address the constant changes in the modern market. Do not be left behind or limit your business from achieving its objectives. Sparkalant graphic designers will help you with all your graphics requirements at the best prices.

The impact of quality professional graphics in any business is a key resource towards the success of an individual, business or an organization. For this reason, you should ensure that your logos, brochures, banners, advertisement stand out among your peers in the business.

We combine our design and our creativity to ensure that your branding process enables your name and brand to have a lasting impression on the website, in print and all other places where graphics are applicable.Feel free to contact us for top quality graphic design services for your business including unique logo design, business card, company labels, brochure designs, packaging designs and web templates among other services. We have a well-versed team of talented graphic designers, who are always prepared to give their best in any designed task.

About Us

Sparkalant is a world’s leading Digital Marketing Company that provides professional graphic design services for both small and large business globally. We are experts in a wide range of graphic designs and we are dedicated to communicate your message to the intended audience with the best design services. Sparkalant graphic design services cover direct, digital creative & print advertising, branding & marketing, graphic designs, website design & development and many more graphics productions. We boast of a large team of highly trained and talent professional graphic designers, who are always passionate about their work and they will help your business to meet all its graphic design requirements for high productivity.

For the last 5+ years, we have been offering cost-effective services in logo design, label design, event branding, business cards, stationary designs, signage & billboard designs, banner ads designs, brochure, web design as well as blog and social media customization among other graphic design services. We are experts in creation and implementation of flawless and effective branding solutions required to take your business to the next higher level.

What Makes Us The Best?

There are many graphic designers in the market today but if you are interested in high-quality design solutions that will bear instant fruits, then your ideal choice is Sparkalant graphic designers. We are the best in terms of

Quality Graphics Designs From Scratch

Some graphic designers will only take some existing design templates available online and modify the design for you. We are different to achieve a high level of uniqueness; our designers will start the design process from scratch and craft it to fully and effectively address your business needs.

100% Money Back

We guarantee delivery of high quality designs and we promise our clients 100% money back warranty, if we deliver less than our promise. We have been branding and offering graphics solutions for many businesses and our previous customers keep coming back for more as well as refer more customers to us.

Quick Services

Our designers are highly experienced and will deliver quality design within a very short time. Instead of spending days or weeks with your internal graphic design team, leave it to our team of experts and you will have the most desirable results within a very short time.


We provide full range graphic design services and we ensure consistency across all services offered to the same client for the same business. We will ensure that your website design relates to other branding graphics to create and immediate connection when your customer view any of your graphics. This involves balanced blending of colors, use of your company logo among other aspects of consistence.

Affordable Services

When choosing your graphic designer, price should never override the quality. Fortunately, at Sparkalant, you will get a combination of high quality at pocket friendly prices. Even with a restrained budget, we can help you unlock big dreams through affordable and effective graphic designs.

Do not risk your investment with cheeky graphic designers. Contact us for free consultation or queries and have your design done by experts. Whether you want a website redesign or designed from scratch, we have the experts to help you with affordable 100 percent responsive websites for any business. When you think about graphic design, think Sparkalant graphic design services.

Creative And Experienced Team Of Designers

Our team of brand developers and graphic designers will use their visual knowledge and people visual perception to come up with a professional design for you. Our designers have over 10 years’ experience in graphics design and they will offer you advice and make recommendations whenever necessary.
Research First, Design Later – We just don’t jump into the design process, we conduct a market research about your competitor’s graphic design and come up with a design that not only gives you a unique identity but also gives you an upper hand in the market. We also consider the market trends in the market to deliver services that are relevant to the market today and in the coming days.

Why Do You Need Sparkalant Graphic Design Services?

As the business owner or a company manager, you may have so many daily responsibilities that may make you to ignore the need of a well thought of and crafted graphic design. However, with world class graphic design professionals at Sparkalant, we will help you in making quality designs that will work perfectly in establishing and maintaining a successful business that will attract both local and international customers without the need to spend a lot of money in advertising. With us, we make a single design speak volumes for and about your business thus enabling you to realize your full potential. Our professional graphic design services are important to your business in the following aspects

Brand Recognition

Your company success always start with a good image to the customers and to the general public. If people perceive your business or organization positively, there are higher chances that they will buy your products or services as well as recommend their friends and loved ones to buy from you. A great company logo plays a very big role and your audience will use it to judge your products or services. The look of your logo can win or send away customers. At Sparkalant, we help you come up with the best logo designs which target your customers in an attractive, functional and professional way. Our designers will combine your business goals with their creativity to deliver a logo that instantly connects with your quality products and services and create a lasting impression on the audience mind.


To display high level of professionalism to your customers, you need top-notch graphic designs. A part from your logo impacting a first impression, other graphic designs are also important in showing your competence in your field. A design that looks cheap be it for business cards, banners, letterheads, website or email template will send an unwanted impression about your business and you may never be able to recover from this. Why lose millions when you can prevent this with less. Let our design team handle your company branding and your customers will always draw positive impressions from the graphics within seconds. From stationary branding, T-shirt printing, web design, business and other types of graphic designs, we can help you sell your professional services and outstanding products faster and for less.

Company Unity

If your goal is to achieve a healthy and enjoyable workplace, the secret is to brand your employees behind your design for effective brand representation. Remember, when developing your business identity, it has to start from inside and your employees must commit themselves to the brand. We will ensure that your employees and regular clients are always surrounded by company webpages, stationary, brochures, uniforms and giveaways among others to strengthen their commitment towards your brand.


Most business owners restrict graphic designs to logos and web design. While this is very important, there is much more to graphic design. Graphic designs include visual aids that will help you to communicate a given idea(s) with ease and more precisely. Our professional graphic designers can help you to come up with designs to deliver messages that cannot be effectively expressed by text alone. We are experts in informative images and pictures that tell a full story from just a single look. People also tend to pay more attention to infographics than just mere texts and will get your message easily and quickly.

Productivity and Performance

Poorly designed graphics can have a negative impact on your staff performance general efficiency. One area where most people usually get it wrong is website design. A quality website design should have visible and easy-to-use features such as legible fonts, balanced colors, user-friendly navigation and consistence. If your website has ‘funny’ fonts, buried navigation tools, blinding colors and such, it will be unusable for both your client and employees. We are the team ready to help you with simple and effective designs that will enhance efficiency and increase productivity.


Poor graphic designs can be expensive for your business in two ways. You may get poorly designed graphics, which are not ready for print. This means you will have to spend so much when producing such graphics or you may be forced to spend more money on making new designs that will work perfectly for your business needs. At Sparkalant, we never do it for the sake of finishing. Even with your small budget, we will get you well designed graphics that are cheap to produce. Again ignoring your company/ organization’s graphic design needs will negatively impact your clients, suppliers and even the employees while embracing the best designs that can improve every aspect of your business.

Our Services

Our services can be grouped into 6 wide categories which include

Business Identity and Branding


Good business card design
or email letterhead design depends on the choice of colors and the design of the logo.

Business Identity and Branding

Business identity and branding entails a wide array of aspects. At sparkalant, every detail of the process is well taken care of. We start off with the appropriate choice of corporate colors to be used in your business. Then we design a logo that represents your company in all dimensions. Logo designs should be simple and easy to understand and yet intricate enough in their design to pass out the intended message. All other aspects of business identity and branding revolve around a well-designed logo with the appropriate choice of colors.

For example:  a good business card design or email letterhead design depends on the choice of colors and the design of the logo. Sparkalant designers put these meta-details into consideration thus delivering top of the rank services in the identification and branding of your business. Many designers often overlook at the importance of business identity and branding in the sense that all aspects vital for brand recognition depend on the initial choice of the design. We are well equipped to handle each case with total professionalism and considerations. Other services for business identity taken care of by our design team include.

Label Design

Name card design

Stationery design

Signage design

Billboard design

Graphic Designs

Having gained experience in the available graphic design software that includes: Photoshop, Corel draw and in design, our team can handle any type of graphic design related assignment. Majority of the graphic designs are for user interface enhancement and it’s therefore prudent that any graphic design be dealt with by a properly trained personnel. Sparkalant designers are trained personnel who have a long time experience in the design industry. The graphic design services offered at sparkalant are the following.

Product Design

This is how products appear to the public. They include color and other aspects and they make a particular product stand out uniquely from the rest in the market. We deliver this creatively ensuring that your product gets to its appropriate niche.

Photoshop Designs

PSD designs that are Photoshop specific designs. These designs cannot be reproduced using any other design software. Having enough knowledge of the design software to be used on a particular instant renders us efficient designers.

Infographic design

We help you with classic designs that help you to pass a message or describe your products or services using graphic illustrations. The way maps appear on Google maps is an example of infographics. Sparkalant designers efficiently deliver infographic designs to our clients to help you describe a process or pass a message which is difficult to express by texts alone.

Mobile app design

Sparkalant’s workforce is up to date with the ever changing designs of mobile phone applications. Whether the application is android or apple based, we give the best designs in the market.

Other services include

icon designs

PowerPoint presentations


vector designs

Photoshop designs

podcast design

Web Designs

Your website says a lot about your business, and if you get it right from design, it’s always a plus for your business. Ensuring that your business is easily accessible and easy to navigate is one effective way of making your website reap the desired results. We will help you in designing a user friendly website that will help you to achieve your business objectives. We have the best customized themes that will blend seamlessly with your color schemes and designed logo.

Our web designers and developers are experts in a wide range of websites design including one-page web designs, responsive web designs, shopping carts designs and all kinds of website designs. The following web design services are offered at Sparkalant.

Web Designs

Web Design

Online business (e-commerce) relies on the design of the website or blog for maximum sales. Better designs translate into higher sales.

WordPress Design

WordPress is an online based platform that offers easier ways to set up websites. WordPress is made up of a ginormous collection of design plugins. Sparkalant designers provide this design plugins for the WordPress platform.

Banner Designs

Website banners always and most certainly need to be properly designed in order for them to carry out their desired function. Well-designed banners are attractive to website visitors; therefore they are useful in maintaining and controlling the flow of visitors to your website. Advertisement banners need to be user friendly and not overly complex.

Social Media Design

Our team of experienced designers are fully trained and experienced in social media deigns. What comprise as social media are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These create and generate the majority of customers for online business. Proper social media designs translate into a high flow of customers to your online business.

E-commerce Design

Online business (e-commerce) relies on the design of the website or blog for maximum sales. Better designs translate into higher sales. Why don’t you lead in your business by contracting Sparkalant designers and let us handle your e-commerce designs and other online related design services.

Other services are

landing page designs

Weebly designs

Newletter designs

mobile designs

among others

icon designs

Art and Illustrations​

Art and Illustrations​

At times and in majority of businesses, there is a need for artwork designs.

Art and Illustrations

At times and in majority of businesses, there is a need for artwork and illustration designs. These serve the same purpose of making your products more appealing and attractive to the client or customers. The right design can transform your business in a matter of a brief time span. We at Sparkalant designers are the right personnel you need in creating art and illustration designs. We strategize, plan and execute. The following is a list of art and illustration designs we offer:

Art design

Card design

Invitation card design

Book covers design

Illustration design

Graphic Designs

All these categories of art and illustration designs are offered, creatively and efficiently by our team of designers. Sparkalant is your design partner. Watch as we creatively design your business future to the limit that you desire. Avoid improper and fraudulent designers that can be a dead end to your business growth and development.

Sparkalant Print designs also involve

Advertisement designs

Calendar designs

Catalogue designs

Envelop designs

Poster designs

T-shirt branding

Menu designs

sticker designs among others

Merchandise Design Services

Merchandise Design

Merchandise Design

If you are looking for the latest merchandise designs for the best results for your business.

Merchandise Design Services

If you are looking for the latest merchandise designs for the best results for your business, our merchandise design services compromise of

Art design

Card design

Invitation card design

Do not hesitate! Call us now and get the best graphic designs at the best rates. You just need to let us know what you are looking for and we will transform your dreams into success. We ensure consistence across all your areas of business to ensure that your design relates from website, posters, brochures, adverts and any other graphics.

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