A Guide to Successful Email Marketing

“You’ve got mail!”Remember these words that fell into our history books, when we were all still forging our way into the newly formed World Wide Web? With the massive advancements in technology, the world today is connected by tweets, statuses and likes from various social platforms. But that doesn’t mean that our affinity for the so familiar emails has desiccated. As a matter of fact, because of the noise on social media platforms, emails have become a go-to place for solitude in a sense, away from all social media chaos.

That is why advertisers believe, now more so than ever, in building great email marketing campaigns. In the interest of furthering this marketing practice, we at Sparkalant can help your business succeed by building you the perfect email marketing campaign from the ground up. Here is how.

Successful Email Marketing

Know Your Audience

Your clients are a very crucial element to your marketing campaign. After all without them there wouldn’t be any need for email marketing in the first place. That being said, it’s important to understand the lifestyles of your email recipients, this way you can ensure that your campaigns caters to their needs, culture and attitudes. One simple way we can help you to achieve this is by gathering relevant information about your audience by going through their email sign up forms. For instance, some information we can ask about is their location, their job title and company they work for etc. We will only ask information that will be of value to your email marketing campaign to avoid lowering your email signup ratings.

Determine Your Marketing Message

Most people don’t spend more than a few seconds viewing their email. That is why it’s important for an entrepreneur to grab audiences’ attention fast. To achieve this, we carefully analyze your company’s objectives and goals, and come up with a clear yet attractive marketing message. We ensure that your emails are not laced with a lot of calls to actions in different directions and tons of unrelated content, as this can make your audience to quickly become disinterested in your email, and eventually stray away from the email campaign.
Email Design
The primary aim of an email is to foster clicks and increase traffic to your website. We can help you to design your emails in such a way that they will cater to your audience expectations. We do this by carefully placing calls to actions accompanied by supporting videos or images in order to increase your click through rates.

Email Optimization

It’s important to address your emails to meet the specific needs and wants of various users. This means making your emails tailor made for your audience. We can help you to create these user specific emails by looking at analytics, segmentation and past user activity.


In order to ensure that your emails are getting the best ROI, it’s important to track and measure results from your email campaigns. We ensure that statistics such as click through rate, open rate, hard and soft bounce rates are measured and tracked regularly. We also track what percentage of your website traffic is actually leading to sales, so that you can see how email marketing is improving your business. Contact us today, and we will provide you with the best email marketing services!

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