Steps to A Great Pay per Click Marketing Campaign

Pay per Click can be a daunting concept, especially for new start-ups who haven’t fully grasped the right tactics to employ when using this kind of advertising campaign. Before divulging into the right strategies that will refine Pay per Click (PPC) marketing to help promote your brand and business, it is important to understand what PPC in itself is all about. In simple terms, PPC refers to an online advertising tactic, where the advertiser is not required to pay a fee in order to place an online advert, rather pays a certain fee each time a user clicks on the online ad and is redirected to the website.
As a business owner, you can decide on which phrases or keywords you would like your website to be affiliated with when any search is carried out. You have to decide how much money you are willing to part with, when someone clicks a particular search result. The good news is that you are advertising to people who are actually interested in what your business has to offer, and we at Sparkalant are here to help you.
We will help you create a successful PPC campaign with the below steps:

Steps to A Great Pay per Click Marketing Campaign

Identify the Product and Service You Are Selling

Regardless of your business, you might be selling an array of products or services may be from the same category. That being said, it’s important to focus on your range and pick out which particular product or service you would actually like to promote. What is the price of that particular product and how competitive are you in terms of delivery, price and customer service. We can help you in all this. We conduct a Google search to gain insight as to which ads pop up and which products your competitors have their eyes set on.

Keyword Search

When looking for the right keyword, it’s helpful to use broad matches to see what people are typing in, then you can employ the exact match once you are sure that those are the best keywords to use. We will aid you in all this. A great technique we use is using a phrase and broad matches with tons of negative keywords. For instance, if you searched iPod nano, the broad match would reveal iPod classic or even MP3 nano. To prevent this, we add negative keywords to stop classic or nano from coming up in the search.

Build Your PPC Marketing Campaign

If your website offers a collection of products or services, it’s important to have at least 10 AdGroups when you are starting out. AdGroups are just a collection of ads and keywords for specific products. Ideally you should increase these AdGroups to about 50 or more: The more relevant the ads or keywords, the more impressive the Click through Ratio. We will do this for you with utmost efficiency.

Ad Variation

With PPC, you can have different types of ads including text ads, which can increase your Click through Ratio. We will help you monitor the different types of ads as they are being clicked. Contact us today, and we will offer you all these services at a pocket-friendly budget!

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